Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Keeper of the Pentacles - Page

The Keepers (Pages) are like initiates. They will experience failures, make mistakes and they will face adversity that brings them to point break and beyond. But each of these entities can only show us what their element is made of; both strengths and weakneses. When the Keepers are ready; they will shed their innocence for hard-earned maturity and become Guardians.

Of all the elements within the suits; from air that blows a cyclonic storm; the fire that burns with heated rage; the water that clashes in titanic waves.. it is the earth that contains all the other elements in our human form.

It is in our human form that we are able to laugh, shed tears; feel pain and pleasure, sorrow and bliss. It is the earth element in us that makes it possible to see, touch, taste, smell and hear each other. Our hands create what the mind perceives; our will drives us to obtain what our heart desires.

The strengths of the earth is that it is stable, it gives form and limitations; but there is need for sustainance and nurturing that requires effort.

And when the cycle has finally run its course from birth to death, this Keeper will learn about mortality; for all things perishable must eventually make way for new seed to grow.