Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ace of Pentacles

The time has come to step into the world of the One-Eyed God; there is no turning back. An initiation into the realm of flesh; your senses will be over-loaded with all the Weavers and the Pathfinders have to teach you but its all right... euphoria never felt this good when you were without form.

Everything you ever thought of can come alive here, you can mold every fantasy into tangible reality with your hands.

Even if you may not meet all the Jahanamians who walk this earth, be mindful of what choices you make during your stay for they will cause a ripple in this place... in ways you may not even know of.

Your visit will be short and when the time comes to say farewell, you may find that you do not wish to leave... Not with so many things still left undone.

Have a pleasant stay.