Tuesday, September 2, 2008

4 of Pentacles

This day 26th January 2009, we enter the year of the Earth Ox.

On the 18th night of the 1st Moon; we had a celebration of the coming year of the Ox. I travelled back to my hometown for an early reunion dinner.

It is a savage land but there are wonderful things about that place that I love as well. It is a wild place filled with dangers for the people can be both warm and kind yet too many are brutal and unruly... but I digress.

My family and I, we feasted under the stars that night. There was food, wine, laughter and so much warmth; for the moment all our worries were put aside.

As the night wore on, something got into my eye and I blinked. That was when I saw her... not human.

They do not show themselves to me unless they wish to be given a face. But for my own peace of mind, I turned to ask my sister (the one named after a Night Flower) if she saw anything out of the ordinary.

My gift lies not in seeing entities unless they wish to be seen but the Night Flower has the gift to enter the other realm at will and she sees things that do not appear to the naked eye. "Yes", she said, "we are being watched". I asked her what she saw and she described my vision back to me; down to the last detail.

Let me show you what we both saw; for my gift (I think) is to give a face to those who do not dwell within an earthen shell like we do.

I was in the midst of completing the 5 of Cups, but this entity I saw... she insisted that she be given a face ... SOON; so I started on her immediately. She was most insistant and though I do not understand her urgency, I had to get her out of my head.

This being was perched on the tree outside our home, a black shadow. I sensed no malice from her nor did my sister but this being, she stayed all night watching us as we celebrated. She cannot enter our domain, trapped in her own. Was she lonely? I don't know... perhaps it is isolating being trapped in a place one cannot leave or chooses not to leave.

Perhaps it is a boundary she cannot escape. I do not know the rules by which they live by but I asked that she leave me in peace once the image is done for my sister told me that if I feel the dampening of my spirits... draw the line and back off for they sometimes get desperate and they cling on.

So I gave her 4 coins for 2 reasons; a token to leave me alone once the deed is done AND; a challenge to those do not believe, I dare you to try take it from her and see what she will do though I personally suggest the path less foolhardy.

The piece is completed (in record time too), I wish this being a Good Journey, travel well and be at peace.

Though I do not expect you to believe me, it makes no difference. For I may proclaim that the wind does not exist simply because I cannot see it; but my proclaimation does not make it any less real.